What happens to the US’s deepwater and shallowwater marine ecosystems after dredging a floating pipeline?

article The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in which a US rig sank off Louisiana, was the worst oil spill in US history.

The accident has since been blamed on the BP Deepwater Scandal, which involved the company’s faulty maintenance practices.

A report in April 2016 concluded that BP’s failures in the operation of the BP Gulf of Mexico rig led to the spill.

Since then, BP has paid a record $18bn in fines, while regulators have been criticised for not acting faster.

Deepwater is now under scrutiny again, as the US government is expected to begin a review of the industry this month.

The industry has been caught in a tight spot.

The drilling boom that began in the 1970s has seen the rise of new offshore oil and gas drilling technologies.

But many companies have struggled to adapt, and some have lost their jobs.

Deep water is one of the few marine ecosystems that has not yet been hit hard by the economic crisis, as well as a lack of adequate protections for the environment.

What happens if the Deepwater Pipeline fails?

What if the dredging floating pipes fail? 

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a draft report on the spill that includes suggestions to improve environmental monitoring and safety, including the deployment of underwater sensors that can detect oil spills.

But the report does not outline how the companies that operate the floating pipes will respond to the proposed changes. 

What are the major environmental impacts of the oil spill? 

Oil spills are often associated with deep water.

As a result, the area affected by a spill has been estimated at 1,000 square kilometres (500 square miles). 

In a study by the US Geological Survey, the US National Research Council and the US Environmental Protection Agency, a wide range of impacts have been reported by the oil industry, including damage to beaches, marine life and fish stocks. 

How long will it take to clean up? 

In March, the Environmental Protection Department issued a final rule that will allow the Deep Water Pipelines to resume pumping oil from the Gulf of St Lawrence to shore.

The Department of Interior has said that the spill will likely take several years to cleanup. 

Why is the Deeply is still in danger of failure? 

BP has already been fined $1bn by the Department of Justice for the DeepWater Horizon oil disaster.

The company has said it will take the company to court over the final ruling.

In June, a judge ruled that BP should pay $3bn in penalties and $3.2bn in compensation to the Gulf Coast communities affected by the spill, after the company refused to pay compensation. 

In February, BP’s CEO, Bob Dudley, said the company is working on a plan to resolve its legal problems and to get the company back to profitability. 

If Deepwater goes down, will there be a spill of oil? 

If the Deepwell is shut down, there is a chance that some of the company will continue operating under the assumption that it will be able to continue producing oil, said Scott Brown, a lawyer for the Louisiana chapter of the Environmental Defense Fund.

The spill will leave a legacy of damage and contamination on the Gulf and the surrounding Gulf Coast.

The Deeply has been shut down since July 20, 2016, with a total of 4,400 jobs lost. 

Does BP’s offshore drilling system need to be upgraded? 

There is no specific plan for upgrading the offshore drilling systems of the Deep River and Gulf of Maine.

The current system is still using the same oil platforms that were used in the disaster.

In August 2016, BP said that a study would be completed in 2018 to determine whether to upgrade the oil platforms, but that work was expected to take several months. 

Will the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez spill impact the Deep and the Gulf? 


The oil that spilled in the Deep was shipped from Texas to Canada.

The Gulf of Saint Mary is still a significant spill site.

The US government will not be allowed to dredge or otherwise affect the spill site for two years, meaning the spill could not be addressed without an upgrade of the drilling infrastructure. 

Should the Deep Well be reopened? 

According to BP, it is “extremely unlikely” that the DeepWell would be reopened as a full-time operation once the Deep water spill is resolved. 

Is there any chance that the BP Valdez could still be drilled? 


Are there any other problems with the Deep or the Gulf oil?

 The Deepwater Pipelines were built in 1973 and are the only major offshore oil rigs in the US, and they are the most well-known and profitable offshore drilling rigs in North America.

They are also the only vessels operating in deep water in the world, and are considered the backbone of the US fleet. 

The drilling rig

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