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4FourTwo, a leading independent water quality monitoring and reporting company, said in a report that the number of toxic water leaks, especially at the mouth of the Anzac River, was up by 60 per cent last year.

A massive number of pipe dredges were installed around the Anzacs last year and they continue to leak.

The company found that in April-September last year there were 1,739 leaks across the basin, with more than 700,000 litres of water released.

Drunkenness, high temperatures, poor maintenance and lack of proper safety training were also key factors in the increased leakage, the report found.

The average daily rate of water being released into the river was around 3,200 litres per hour, but that was up from around 1,400 litres per day in September.

As of October, the average monthly discharge was 2,500 litres.

The worst affected areas were the Anzanacs and Port Augusta, where more than half of the leaks occurred, while Port Augusta had the worst levels of toxic waste, the company said.

The main cause of the water leakage was an old pipe that had deteriorated and was not being used, according to the report.

It is unclear if the leaky pipe was in a particularly hazardous area or if it was part of a wider infrastructure problem.

There was no official estimate of how much of the country’s drinking water was leaking.

The report also said there were no plans to address the situation, with water officials blaming a lack of communication between local governments and the state and the government of South Australia.

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