When Italy’s Dredging Floating Pipe Largest In The World To Receive A Drought-Proofing Treatment

It has been more than four years since the first major construction of a massive floating dike in southern Italy, but a new treatment project is being deployed to help protect it from an impending sea-level rise.

The new Dredgerd-2 treatment project will consist of more than two million litres of dredge pipe, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

The massive pipe is currently undergoing testing to determine its level and capacity, and a treatment system of its own will be used for the treatment of the submerged dike.

Dredgers and pipe are both highly permeable materials that will be subjected to water and nutrients from the sea, so they have the potential to absorb water and become resistant to sea-water infiltration. 

The construction of the dike is expected to begin in 2021 and the treatment system will be installed by 2024. 

It has been estimated that the new treatment system could prevent the sinking of around 7,500 cubic metres of material per year.

According to the Dredge-2 project, the treatment will be effective for 10 years. 

“The current situation is catastrophic, and we will work with the authorities to find a solution to protect the dikes’ structure and the marine environment,” said Pierluigi Gattone, the head of the Italian Dredgings and Pipelines, the project management company for the dredging pipe project.

“I hope this is not the last step.”

The dike will be the first in Italy to receive a treatment that will protect the surrounding area from sea-levels rising.

Drowning floating pipeline Larges on the island of Sardinia in 2017 The dredger and pipe treatments are being planned by the Drowners and Pipeliners union, which has been involved in the project since 2005.

“Dredger” means “drain” in Italian, and the word “pipeline” is a reference to a type of pipe that carries cement to a factory, which is where the pipe is laid.

The pipe is then towed back to the docks, where it is sealed and then loaded onto a ship. 

For decades, the diked island of Cerca has been submerged beneath the sea.

Its shoreline was once a vast and bustling sea, but the island has since been leveled and converted into a resort area. 

Now, residents have turned the island into a tourist destination, with the islanders living off the mainland, and tourists visiting from around the world, according to the Local. 

Despite the destruction, residents still live off the island, using the ditches as a source of livelihood. 

With the arrival of the new dike, the island is expected the island’s residents will begin returning to the mainland. 

Dredgers And Pipelines is an association of over 50 companies in Italy.

The association was formed in 2006, and is the first association to benefit from the DMS project. 

In 2016, the DMC, an association for the Derengine, a marine-grade material that is used in pipe treatments, received the first of the six treatment systems it was ordered to construct.

The company will soon start receiving the first dived dike treatment systems, which will include a treatment of a section of the island. 

Image courtesy DMC

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