How to stop dredging a river in Alberta’s Gulf of St. Lawrence

In a remote community in northern Alberta, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence is one of the most pristine waters in the world.

Its beauty is well documented.

Its waters are home to millions of seals, sea turtles and marine mammals.

But in the last few decades, the waters have been contaminated by an industrial operation dredging sand from the Gulf, a practice that has become so widespread that it’s destroying the ecosystem.

The dredging has destroyed the fish and wildlife that live in the area, and it’s also contaminated the soil.

Now, in response to a growing environmental outcry, the government of Alberta is moving to address the environmental impacts of the dredging, including plans to phase out the practice.

But even if the government is successful in phasing out the dredge, it’s not clear that the environmental costs of the industrial operation will be offset by the economic benefits of the region.

In order to make this assessment, researchers with the University of Alberta’s Environmental Studies Program and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police examined the economic impacts of industrial dredging in the Gulf and found that the results are mixed.

The researchers estimated that the economic impact of the practice would be around $12 million to $20 million a year, but that the costs to the environment would be less than $2 million.

This estimate is based on the average annual value of the oil and gas recovered from the sands that were being transported.

But the researchers also found that there are different kinds of industrial processes, including “pipeline-induced mining.”

Pipelines can alter the flow of the water in the river system and affect the natural flow of sand in the region, and that can lead to changes in the way the water moves.

Pipelines that go through the region have also been linked to the erosion of sandbars in the estuary.

These sandbars act as a barrier between the river and the ocean, and are the source of habitat for fish and other wildlife.

The erosion of the sandbars has been documented in the northern Gulf region, where the dredges are located.

The study found that some of the environmental benefits of dredging were offset by impacts on fish and shellfish.

The scientists found that sediment from the dredged sand was the second-most important environmental factor affecting shellfish stocks in the watershed.

In addition, they found that oil and natural gas drilling caused the erosion in the sandbills and increased sediment flow.

The sediment flow, the study found, was the major driver of sediment transport in the basin.

The process of sedimentation, the researchers found, “can significantly alter the hydrology of the Gulf as well as the ecosystem of the estuaries.”

The researchers estimate that the dredger-induced sedimentation in the coastal estuary of the northern gulf will cause the loss of up to 300,000 square kilometres of oyster beds and up to 2,000 kilometres of hardshell beds.

This is equivalent to a quarter of the area of New Brunswick.

The research also found a significant impact on shellfish that was largely offset by changes in water quality in the local ecosystem.

Shellfish are an important food source for the fish that live at the bottom of the river.

When these oysters migrate downstream, they have to compete with other species of fish to survive, and they can also be eaten by humans who use the area as a catch and release zone.

The oysters that are lost to these competition are transported to other areas where they can be caught, but the fish will not be as healthy.

In the study, the scientists identified five key processes that affected the ecological health of the oysters: fish migration, sedimentation of sandbar beds, sediment transport, the effects of oil and chemical dredging on oyster and hardshell populations, and the effects on shell and oyster communities.

They also identified a few areas where there was little or no change in the health of oysters.

The main impacts on the oyster population were the effects that oil drilling had on the sediments, on the marine environment, on oysters and hardshores, and on the shell and shell-eating oysters of the local estuary and the surrounding area.

In some of these areas, there was no change at all in the marine ecosystem, the authors said.

They said that the oystered communities were resilient to the impacts of these processes, and this was particularly important for the communities of softshells and hard shores.

In a study released last year, researchers from the University and the University at Buffalo found that dredging caused significant declines in the populations of hardshore oysters, the main food source in the gulf, as well.

This was a big surprise to the researchers, because the oyshores in the western Gulf are known for their ability to adapt to environmental changes, including the impacts caused by oil and chemicals.

The team said that “dredging of hard shore oyster populations may also be a key driver of the decline in hard shell

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