Why the dredge spill in Ireland is still under investigation

An investigation by the Irish Times has found that dredge pipelines were still being drilled into the sea bed of the Seine River, despite a 2015 decision by the Department of Environment and Water.

A joint statement from the Department and Environment and Climate Change (EDC) said the projects would be stopped because of “significant concerns” about the environment, including that the “pipelines will cause an increase in marine pollution”.

But the Department also said the investigation was ongoing and the department would make no further comment on the matter.

The Department said it was also “working with the State to assess the impact of the proposed dredge projects on the environment and the environment on the marine environment”.

The department has previously said that the dredges would be “re-routed” in order to reduce the risk of spills.

However, in its statement, the department said the dredging project “is being suspended in accordance with the 2015 Decision of the Department”.

The dredging of the dredged water in the Seines is part of a project which has been in operation since the mid-1970s to treat the water in several estuaries and rivers.

It is the only such project in the world that does not involve the use of artificial dredging.

A spokesperson for the Department said: “The dredge works are part of the work being undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment to protect the environment in the vicinity of the project.”

The spokesperson said that “the Department is confident that there is no risk to the environment or to marine life” and that the project “has been conducted safely and with the highest of regard”.

The ministry will now be in a position to consider the project and its impact on the water environment.”

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