How to stop a pipeline dredger from sinking

By BRIAN RYAN and CHRIS DUNCAN, Associated Press reporters in Portland, Maine, July 26, 2020The cutters that are used to cut the rocks from the berm that separates a pipeline from the water supply.

The cutters can be dangerous when they cut into the rock.

The company that owns the pipeline has said it has no plans to stop the dredging.

The Berenberg Dredging and Restoration company says the drilling equipment that was used in the June 6 sinking of a berm dredged at the Portland-area Port of Portland.

The dredging was not a major environmental issue, according to the company.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality said the sinkings happened because of “the inadequate installation and maintenance of a pipeline cutterhead pipeline cutter, which caused the vessel to sink.”

The company says it has had no complaints about the equipment.

The Berenburg Dredge and Restoration, which owns the Portland, Oregon-area Portland, Ore.-area Kinder Morgan pipeline, says it’s been installing cutterhead and cutterhead-style berm-cutter cutterhead cutters since August.

It says the cutterhead type was designed in the 1960s and has been in service for decades.

Kinder Morgan spokesman Jeff Tiedemann says the company is “working diligently” to repair the damage to the bernies and will replace the cutters.

An Associated Press investigation found that the company has not installed the new type of cutterhead cutter for years.

The agency also found that Kinder Morgan has not kept records of the amount of work it has done to repair existing berm cracks.

In a statement, Kinder Morgan said the company’s contractors have “provided extensive repair and maintenance to the damaged berm” since the sinking.

The statement also said the cutterheads are “designed to reduce the amount that will sink, thereby increasing safety and reducing the risk of a catastrophic rupture of the bercs.”

Kinder Morgan has since installed more cutters, but Tiedmann says it will not stop the berthed dredging until the company stops using the new technology.

Kier Morgan is a major player in the oil and gas industry, providing pipeline, shipping and drilling services to oil and natural gas companies and refineries in the U.S. and around the world.

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