A new pipeline dredging floating pipe is being built in Oregon

An old water tank is being dredged in a small town in northern Oregon.

It’s part of a new pipeline that will provide cleaner, cleaner water for the region.

The water is being stored at a new dredging facility in Pend Oreille.

The dredging project is part of the Portland-area’s new Portland-Bend River Delta Dredging Initiative, which aims to improve the quality of local water by dredging around 1.5 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment and wastewater every day.

“I think that’s the most important thing for the community,” said Jennifer Pritchard, the water resource director for the Pend Oreilles Water District.

“We don’t have the ability to dredge all that material, so it makes it really, really difficult for us to get to our water needs.

So this project is really going to make our lives a lot easier.”

Pend Oreilles is just south of Portland, and the water district is trying to make its town healthier.

The project involves the diversion of nearly 7,000 tons of sediment from the Portland and Columbia rivers.

It includes dredging an old water tower in Pend, the Pend County Water Supply District, and other water treatment plants.

“It’s going to create a better environment for the environment, and it’s going in a really positive direction,” said Pritchers mother, Jennifer Pritzker.

“The dredging process that we are going to be doing, we will be utilizing the existing infrastructure, and then there’s going be a new pipe that’s going into the pipeline that’s being built at the Pend facility.”

The dredged water will be released to the Pend River, which is the main source of water for Pend Oreils residents.

The water is pumped to an industrial site in the town of Pend Oreillies.

“We do not want to divert the river, and we do not need to divert it,” said Pend Oreilling water district spokeswoman Jen Pritches.

“This project is about creating a new water supply for Pend, which will help alleviate the water crisis that we’re currently experiencing.”

Pritchard says she expects to start work on the new pipeline in March.

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