The Philippines’ pipeline dredging equipment, part of a massive offshore drilling programme, will soon be in operation

The Philippines is expected to begin deploying dredge equipment and dredging machines to the South China Sea this year, part-funded by the US, the country’s navy chief said.

The US-led coalition is sending a pair of ships to the Spratly archipelago this year as part of an ambitious project to drill for oil and gas in the contested waters.

But the Philippines, which is currently at war with China over the South Sea islands, said on Wednesday that it would not deploy dredge machinery and machines.

“The Philippines does not intend to deploy dredging machinery or dredging platforms on its islands, as this would be contrary to the bilateral arrangements and principles of the bilateral agreements and principles,” Commodore Josep Maria del Rosario said at a press conference in Manila.

The Philippines’ defence chief, Admiral Imee Marcos, said that the US military would also deploy dredges and equipment.

“We have deployed the dredging technology, and we are deploying the equipment and equipment to our islands,” she said.

“If we deploy dredged dredging, we will deploy equipment and technology to our land, and it will help us get resources from the sea.”‘

We are ready’A US Navy spokesman said the US Navy would not comment on the military’s plans for the South Atlantic.

Philippines military chiefs are also looking to deploy the equipment in response to a Chinese naval blockade on the Sprats.

China’s defence ministry said in March that the country was “ready” to use the dredge to extract oil and natural gas.

China claims most of the South Pacific and is building a network of artificial islands in the region.

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