What is the PBNF?

A $2.8 billion dredge pipeline dredging machine is expected to be built to power up the pipeline from the Port of Cooma to Port Cairns to improve flow in the region.

Key points:The dredge project has been stalled for more than three yearsPipeline project to bring dredge to the area was delayed last yearKey pointsKey pointsThe dredging project has also been stalled in its first stages for more the three yearsIt is expected the project will take five to 10 years to complete.

The dredges will be a “bridge” from the port to the northern end of the river where it will be used to transport coal and iron ore.

The project has faced delays in the past and was first proposed to bring the dredge from the Cairn to Port Macquarie in 2015.

The Government is now pushing ahead with the dredging and it will see a project of this size completed within three years.

The proposed dredge will bring the port of Coomera to Port Colville, a remote, remote site in the Port Macq’s Port Cooma, the Department of Resources and Energy (DRREC) said.

It will be the first dredge dredging operation in the north-west since the Northern Gateway pipeline was built in 2014.

It is part of a multi-billion dollar project to dredge the waters around the port.

It involves pumping dredge through a massive pipe that is 4km long and is designed to bring coal and steel ore from the north of the Port Coomora basin to the port, as well as other minerals such as iron ore and coal.

The DRREC said the dredges would be used for “significant amounts of dredging” and the project would “increase water flow to the Coomori River and facilitate transport of dredge material”.

The project was originally set to start in late 2020, but a major delay to the start of construction in 2019 put the project on hold.

The Department of Energy and Northern Australia said the project was “finally completed” and would begin operating in 2019.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Innovation and Employment, Andrew Constance, said the Government was “very excited” about the dredged project.

“We know the project has the potential to transform the Port Coloma region and the Cooma Basin into a major regional economic hub and the dredgers will help to facilitate this,” he said.

“The dredgers have a proven track record of being safe, reliable and economical.”

The project will also see the construction of a new pipeline that will connect the Port Port Macqua to Port Coombs, and the construction and operation of a water treatment plant to supply drinking water to the region for more years.

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