What you need to know about the dredge project at the Keystone XL pipeline

Pipelines that transport oil and natural gas through the United States can be dredged and sunk in water depths of up to 8 feet.

These facilities are designed to prevent spills, and in many cases are the only way to keep large quantities of oil and gas from leaking into the environment.

But some are also used to dredge and extract natural gas.

The dredge pipe lights are used in some of the country’s largest oil and pipeline operations.

They are used to light up the dredged areas.

The lights are designed so that the oil and heavy oil will not float to the surface.

But they also allow the oil to flow out, and are also designed to capture and store methane, or methane emitted when oil is extracted.

When these lights are turned off, the water in the surrounding area becomes so shallow that the energy generated by the light cannot reach the surface or even penetrate the sand.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has issued a rule to allow oil and petroleum companies to use the lights for dredging and extraction of natural gas and oil.

The rules are currently under review by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which is currently reviewing whether the lights are a good idea.

In 2016, the NRF proposed requiring that oil and chemical companies install and use lights to reduce the risk of spills and releases of methane.

But the National Marine Manufacturers Association said the proposal was overly restrictive and didn’t go far enough.

The NMFS has said that the light program is designed to be temporary, that it’s a cost-effective alternative to using dredge equipment, and that the NRFs rules aren’t sufficient.

The NRF is currently considering an amendment to its rule to add a new section to clarify that the lights can be used for drilling purposes only if the company can prove that it has the right permit.

If the NRFS doesn’t change its mind by the end of June, the light rule will be effective for the first time in 2016.

The rules proposed for 2016 will be subject to the full review of the NRfs and the National Energy Board, which will make its decision by the start of the following year.

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