How to dig a hole to dig an ‘art’ oil pipeline

What would you do if you were stuck on the side of the road with no access to a phone?

Then this article might be for you.

A group of artists, students and DIYers have created a unique DIY oil pipeline that they say will bring an art project to life.

The oil pipeline has an “art” design, but the actual pipeline is not designed to go under a highway.

Instead, the team built a pipe that’s capable of going under the US highway.

According to the design, the pipe is made of concrete, steel, aluminum, and other materials that are “dredged” into the ground to be built a new pipe.

The pipes are then welded together and built up into the pipeline structure.

The project was created by the artists at the Institute for Creative Studies (ICS) and the Institute of Digital and Information Arts (IDA) at the University of Illinois.

The group hopes to make their own pipeline by the end of next year.

They say the pipeline will be able to “drown” oil and other toxic materials, like benzene, in the ground.

“It is a very large, very complex pipe that will literally go under the highway,” said Jasmina Hwang, a graduate student at ICS.

“The pipeline itself is about 20 feet in length and has a diameter of about 100 feet, and there are some sections that are about a hundred feet in diameter, which will not be able even to float.”

Hwang said the pipeline’s ability to dig beneath a highway is crucial, because it allows the pipeline to get through the sandbags that are designed to stop oil trucks in the road.

“Oil is one of the most difficult substances to transport, and a lot of these things that are coming from the ground, it doesn’t have the ability to penetrate the sandbag and get under the road and dig itself out,” she said.

Hwang, who is a member of the Art and Architecture students’ collective, says the pipe will allow the project to get people thinking about the power of art and architecture.

“Art and architecture, to me, is an important part of our history, and it’s really important to have the opportunity to think about art and art and technology,” she added.

Hwan said the pipe, which is part of the ICS art school, will be used for a variety of projects, including a sculpture installation at a campus art fair, a sculpture project in downtown Chicago, and even an interactive film.

“In this project, the pipeline is part sculpture, part sculpture and part sculpture,” Hwang said.

“It’s part pipe and part pipe.”

For Hwang and her fellow students, the project is part art project, part art installation.

“I think this project has been very interesting to be a part of,” Hwan said.

“What it’s going to be is a bridge that we can put in between the art and the engineering.

We can connect both sides and not just one or the other, and that’s really exciting.”

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