How to clean up the PM’s pollution: The ‘purge’ of PM Modi’s PM 2.5 problem

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the target of a nationwide air pollution crisis after his government is accused of using “the power of the PM” to clear land for industrial development.

But the PM himself has a history of being dogged by pollution problems.

The Delhi government announced plans to close a polluted stretch of road on Thursday, but a new government is expected to announce the closure of the remaining road in the coming days.

What’s the PM doing about it?

While the government has a responsibility to clean its streets and waterways, it can’t do that alone.

The government can’t simply close roads and set up new ones, because it is also responsible for the pollution of water, air and soil.

That responsibility is a national one, so it can be a major public health challenge.

The PM’s air quality has been at a low level for some time, and PM2.5 particles have been rising in Delhi’s air.

A recent survey by the Environment Ministry found that PM2s pose a health risk to around 300,000 people.

But what is PM2?

PM2 is a measure of the amount of air pollution a pollutant like PM can create in a specific area.

For example, a small particle of PM2 can pose health risks to people with asthma.

So, a high PM2 counts can mean a person is breathing more air pollution.

PM2 numbers can also rise as a result of heavy industrial and agriculture activity.

PM 2 particles are not necessarily dangerous.

They can be harmful for people in very high concentrations in certain areas, but PM2 levels are generally not a cause for concern.

But PM2 has health implications in areas where PM2 concentrations are low.

The air quality in Delhi is very poor, but there are still a number of places in the city where PM 2 levels are high, like the south of the city and parts of the north of the district.

Some areas like the industrial areas of South Delhi have high PM 2s, but others like the commercial areas have very low PM 2 concentrations.

This pollution is causing the death of hundreds of people each year.

There have been several cases of deaths caused by PM2-polluted breathing.

The new PM2 data shows that this pollution has been increasing in the past few weeks.

Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) is a way to gauge air quality.

The AQI is an average of two different measurements, measured in different areas.

It measures how polluted air is in an area, and it measures the air quality over a defined time period.

The AQI for Delhi shows that the air in Delhi has been very poor for a long time.

PM levels are up, PM2 values are low, and the air is smoky.

So the air pollution is rising.

How can the PM 2 index be linked to pollution?

When pollution levels rise, the air becomes more polluted.

The pollution is caused by a number the pollutants.

PMs are the most commonly found pollutants, and they cause the most air pollution in the world.

The levels of PMs can vary widely depending on where people live.

Some cities have very high PM levels, and this is what causes pollution in Delhi.

For instance, in Mumbai, PM 2 has been rising steadily over the past two years, while in Delhi, the level has not increased much.

However, the PM2 index does show that Delhi has higher PM levels than other cities in the country.

So air pollution can be linked directly to PM2 concentration, but this is very difficult to measure.

How does PM2 compare to PM1?

PMs, which are the particles that form when the air gets very cold, have a much smaller concentration than PMs.

The reason is because the particles are smaller and move more slowly.

PM1, on the other hand, are particles that are smaller, and travel faster, but they also form when temperatures rise and particles are more easily trapped in the atmosphere.

So they can cause more pollution than PM2 particles.

PM concentration can also vary widely because PM concentrations vary from place to place, and sometimes even within the same place.

PM concentrations can also be influenced by pollution levels, but not in the same way.

So it is difficult to tell what causes PM2 pollution in a city, or which pollutants are the biggest contributors.

How to improve air quality?

The government has started implementing several measures to reduce PM2 and PM1 pollution.

The first step was to reduce the PM concentration in the air by implementing a new policy called “clean air”, which has been in place since 2013.

This scheme, which is now being rolled out in cities, involves setting up a pilot project to measure air quality using air quality sensors.

It is also taking steps to clean water and the ground with “air purification”, which is a technique that

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