The USACE Pipeline dredge Machine is set to begin dredging the Marcellus Shale

Posted February 01, 2019 05:13:13A new drilling machine has been ordered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to begin digging the Marnichelli Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup, a program that has already spent $9 billion since 2012.

The EPA on Monday said the Deepwater Tokelau pipeline dredges will begin in late January 2019.

The dredging will be the first of several projects in the pipeline system to start work. 

The Deepwater tokelau pipe system, which was built in the early 2000s and spans the Delaware and Pennsylvania coastal waters, includes the Marpassantoe and the Marlowetoe pipeline.

The Marpassentoe pipe carries about 90 percent of the oil produced in the U,S. oil boom. 

An EPA spokesperson told the Washington Post that the company expects to begin the work on Monday, with the final stage expected to be complete by the end of the year. 

“EPA is currently in discussions with a private company about a possible contract to construct the dredging equipment for the Deepsea tokelu oil spill,” a spokesman said.

“This equipment will be installed by an independent contractor.

No project work is currently underway.”

The EPA said the work is being done to address a federal law that limits drilling in coastal waters. 

According to the law, a private contractor must use dredging and other techniques to clean up oil spills and other contaminants in offshore oil drilling areas.

The Deepsea Tokelu pipeline system has been a key source of oil for the U: a key component in the drilling process for several deepwater wells that provide an estimated 15 percent of US output of crude oil.

The pipeline system also provides the largest amount of crude produced in any US state. 

A study conducted by the USGS found that the pipeline was “one of the most important sources of crude in the United States.”

The Marpassinetoe Pipeline system is a part of the Marlboro Oil Pipeline System, which connects the Marville Oil Terminal in the northern Gulf of Mexico to the Marsella Oil Terminal and to the oilfield in Virginia, where the pipeline is operated. 

Dredging is a method of removing heavy oil from the seafloor to allow oil to flow more quickly and safely through pipelines, the EPA said.

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