Which of the U.S. oil refineries is the best in the world?

The best refineries in the U, in terms of efficiency, in the United States?

The answer is none of them.

The answer to that question is: none of the refineries.

No one can argue with the results of a few of these facilities.

If you look at the world’s largest refineries, none of these are the best refiners.

And, yes, they’re all in the Gulf of Mexico, which is a pretty bad place to be, given that it has some of the worst weather, especially in summer, for hurricanes.

But, you know, the truth is, if you look over the past couple of decades, the best refinery in the industry has been refineries like Houston’s, which has the largest refinery in North America, at 6 million barrels per day.

They’re getting all of that from a combination of natural gas from the Gulf and condensate from the oil fields.

The other refinery in America, which also is in the oil industry, is in Fort Worth, Texas, which, like Houston, has a refinery in Fort Bliss.

That refinery, by the way, has just a little bit of a shortage of natural-gas, but that’s a small supply.

So, the answer to the question is that there are no good refineries anywhere in the country, and, frankly, it’s hard to find the best of the best.

In fact, when we think of the quality of the petroleum industry, it is very low quality.

The bottom line is: no one can match what is happening in the refining industry in the USA.

It is a joke.

The next question is, in what country does oil come from?

The United States is the biggest producer of oil in the industrialized world, and the United Kingdom is second.

It comes from Canada, which produces around 2 million barrels of oil a day, and Venezuela, which makes about 1.8 million barrels a day.

And of course, the other big producer of crude is Saudi Arabia, which comes from Iran, which imports some of it.

So we’re not getting much from the United Arab Emirates, which was the last oil producer to be recognized by OPEC, and we’re getting less from Venezuela.

That’s a real problem for the world, because that is the major oil exporter.

In a way, the problem is, we have no way of knowing how much oil comes from the Middle East.

So it’s very hard to know.

If we want to make some kind of informed assessment, you can’t just look at Saudi Arabia and say, “Well, this is the oil that comes from there,” because there are hundreds of millions of barrels of crude out there.

There’s a huge amount of oil out there, and if we don’t know where it’s coming from, then we’re missing out.

And that is a real challenge, because we don and cannot know the extent of the problem.

What’s happening is, as you mentioned, the United Nations has issued a report on the crisis in the Middle Eastern oil market.

And it says that we’ve got to be very careful, because there’s a lot of uncertainty in the energy sector, and that is creating a lot more uncertainty.

So the United Nation has recommended that countries have a high degree of transparency in the market, and they should have an independent regulator that will look into all aspects of oil supply and demand, including price movements, production, production capacity and so forth.

And we’ve been working on this since 2012, and this report is a very good starting point.

It says, as of last year, the number of new wells had risen to over 50,000, which indicates that there’s some serious supply disruptions.

That is, when you look across all of these fields and you look around the world as a whole, there is not a single oil field that has not been disrupted.

So this report also says that there needs to be an increase in capacity, because in terms to make up for the supply shortfall, we’re going to have to get more production.

So that’s where the United State and other countries need to be leading, because, of course they are.

We have a lot to learn from China.

They are producing a lot, but they’re also making mistakes.

So I don’t think the United States role should be to be behind China, and I don, as a United States senator, support China’s actions in the region.

China has been the biggest contributor to climate change, and China has taken a very important lead in developing an economic strategy for reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

China is now going to make a huge contribution to the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide in the next 15 to 20 years, which will be a huge step in the right direction.

But the problem with China is that it’s an authoritarian regime.

It doesn’t have democratic elections. So there

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