A $1bn dredging project in Queensland’s south could start this week

A new dredging pipeline dredger machine could start drilling in the Bowen Basin in Queensland this week, after the state’s environmental protection minister said the state would need to buy equipment for its dredging operation.

Key points:The State Government is currently buying dredging equipment to use in the South-West, South-East and the Murray-Darling Basin for its proposed $1 billion projectThe project is part of the state government’s “Project Pipeline” projectThe Government is looking at purchasing more than 2,000 dredging machinery from other states, including Australia’s $6.5 billion $3.9bn deal with South AustraliaThe dredging tool would be used in the first two months of the project and will cost around $1.5 million per month for an entire yearThe project, which is part and parcel of the State Government’s “New Infrastructure Package”, has been the subject of a legal challenge and will be put on hold until the State Parliament approves a plan for the project.

In a statement, Minister of State for Environment and Water James McKenzie said the dredging will start at a site in the Queensland city of Brisbane and would then move to another site at the Bowen River near Port Augusta.

“This is the first phase of a large infrastructure project that will allow the State to begin the development of the Bowen basin,” he said.

“The State has spent more than $1b of public money on the project, and I am determined to get this project going as soon as possible.”

Mr McKenzie said this phase of the dredge project was the first of two major dredging projects to be funded in the New Infrastructure Package.

He said the State was considering funding additional dredging at different locations in the basin.

“While the dredger will start in Brisbane, the rest of the site will be used for a variety of other projects including the construction of additional pumping stations, and dredging of the basin for pumping stations,” he wrote.

“At the end of the year, the dredges will be pumped to Port Augusta for construction of the new infrastructure infrastructure.”

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