Google announces new fleet of dredging equipment for oil and gas pipeline projects

Google announced today the launch of its new fleet and dredging pipe machine, the first of its kind in the U.S. The company says the new machines will reduce dredging costs and reduce the time it takes to deliver the final product. 

“Dredging is a costly process, and in order to reduce the cost, we’re going to need new technology,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said.

“This new fleet is built to tackle the issues of dredge delivery and dredge operation, which are key issues for many companies.” 

Google is one of several companies to test new technologies for offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

In March, it tested a new dredging machine for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. 

The company is also testing a new floating pipeline for oilfield drilling in Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia. 

Google’s new fleet will be used to deliver dredged steel and floating pipe in the United States.

Dredgers can be deployed from an aerial crane, or they can be installed on land, using a special pump and conveyor belt system.

The system, called a dredge pipeline, requires specialized equipment, including a specialized crane, to move the steel, which is pumped to a pipeline where it is transported by a conveyor. 

Dredger pipelines are now used to bring steel from a wellhead to a well. 

In addition to reducing the cost of dredger delivery, the new machine allows engineers to better control the process of transporting steel from the wellhead, so the material is delivered to the final destination faster and cheaper, Google said. 

A new machine can also lower the time needed to complete a well by using an automatic conveyor system, or by using a conveyer belt that has the capacity to move at up to 30 miles per hour. 

Currently, most oil and coal companies use a single dredger, or the use of an automated conveyor, for their offshore oil drilling.

The new dredger system can use the conveyor belts that can move at more than 30 miles an hour, Google added.

A second dredger can be used for the same purpose, which will save the company a ton of time and money, Google noted.

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