How to find the submerged dredges

A new pipeline dredging project in Alabama that was designed to bury a controversial hydrocarbon pipeline will have to be stopped, because of a court ruling that could put a huge environmental and economic impact on the state.

In a lawsuit filed Monday, the Alabama Department of Environmental Quality said it’s now “pending” the order from a federal judge to stop the $1.7 billion Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The company is arguing that the order should be vacated because the court’s decision was not binding, the AP reported.

The spill, which was the largest in U.S. history, sent more than a million barrels of crude oil to the Gulf of Mexico in May 2010.

It was one of the worst oil spills in U,S.

government history, causing more than $150 billion in damages and millions of gallons of oil to be spilled.

It prompted an unprecedented federal probe and the creation of a national commission to study how to address the problem.

The pipeline was designed by TransCanada to bury the Deepwater Challenger and Pegasus oil pipelines in the Gulf and to provide a safe way to transport the oil.

The court ruled that the pipeline could be used to bury one of those pipelines in Alabama.

The agency argued that the Deepwells project would create a “major and irreparable” environmental impact.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources, which is the state agency overseeing the project, said it has “a significant risk of catastrophic spillage” and that the project would require a new, expensive spill response plan and that it would require significant investments in the project.

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