How the Deepwater Horizon disaster changed the way we dig for oil

A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council has identified the effects of the BP Deepwater “Blackjack” disaster as having had a profound impact on how the US handles oil and gas, particularly in offshore areas.

“Blackjack, when it happened, made a huge impact on the way the US oil and natural gas industry works,” NRC chair Bob Carr told the Guardian.

“The spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico, and it was the largest oil spill in US history, the largest natural gas spill in history.

And it affected the way that we were drilling and extracting oil and the way it affected our ability to get that oil to market.”‘

A massive blow to the industry’ The report, released on Thursday, details how the spill has changed the relationship between drillers and the companies they drill for.

It also highlights how this has left many drilling rigs out of work, with no access to the safety net of federal safety grants, federal loan guarantees or even the funding for the equipment needed to protect the rigs. 

“The Blackjack spill made the whole industry in the US look like an old-fashioned oil and chemical company, and that was the worst thing that happened to it,” Carr said.

“And it made it look like a giant blow to our industry.

And that’s why we are pushing for a ban on fracking in the United States.”

The report found that as a result of the spill, the US is spending about $3 billion to build a “BlackJack” rig, which will be a replacement for the Exxon Valdez rig that sank in 1989.

But this will be built in part at a cost of $6.3 billion, and is expected to cost about $20 billion to operate. 

The report said that because of the Blackjack incident, the cost of the rigs has dropped from about $60 billion to $38 billion.

The US is also working on another massive new project, called the Dakota Access pipeline, which is meant to bring crude oil from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast.

But the report found this will take two years, and would be only possible if the US could cut oil and other petroleum products imports from China.

“If the Chinese can’t do it, and the Americans can’t get it, it’s going to make it very difficult to do these projects,” Carr explained.

“We can’t be doing this with China.

We’re not doing this without China.

And we’re not going to be able to get it done without China, and we’re going to have to have a huge blow to it.”

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