The latest on dredging for oil and gas drilling in North Dakota

The Latest on dredge pipelines and pipelines for oil drilling in the Dakotas article Dakotans are now worried about the Dakota Access Pipeline, after a spill of oil and chemicals into the Animas River, which feeds into the Missouri River, threatened the nearby communities of South Dakota and Nebraska.

On Friday, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota filed a lawsuit against the Dakota Pipeline Company for violating its right to free speech by threatening to shut down the pipeline, according to The Associated Press.

The tribe, which has been protesting the pipeline since March, said on Thursday that its members have suffered a loss of nearly $2 million.

The pipeline was being built near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

The city of Cannon Ball has been under the Trump administration since its inauguration.

Trump’s decision to cancel the pipeline was made on Monday, according the AP.

A statement by the company read: “We are deeply disappointed that President Trump is considering taking this step.

We respect the First Amendment and look forward to working with him to achieve a peaceful resolution.”

Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.8 billion project that would bring 1,172 miles of pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois, cutting through a number of states including Illinois.

It has faced criticism from environmental groups for the environmental impact and the environmental damage that it would cause, particularly in the region where the pipeline is being built.

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