When the oil companies drill deeper into the Arctic, there’s a chance for a new way to clean up the mess

By BILL MAHONEYIn a world where the drillers, drillers and drillers are still getting by, there is still something of a culture of oil drilling.

And that is to say, you don’t have to be a driller to be interested in oil drilling, or for that matter, drilling for any other resource.

It is a subject that has long fascinated drillers.

The drillers have long been the people who have been trying to find the next oil. 

But in recent years, the drilling companies have started to make the effort to try to get more of their drilling done on the ground.

And it is something that many of them feel is a good thing. 

The big oil companies have been pushing for the removal of as much as 40% of the Arctic’s ice cap and drilling deeper and deeper into ice-free waters to bring in more oil and gas.

They have long considered that they can do that while protecting some of the species that they depend on to survive.

But now, in some cases, the companies are trying to use this new technology that they call “drill-bites-in-a-box” (DIB). 

It sounds pretty straightforward.

It’s drilling in a box.

You drill a hole in the ice and you use a drill bit to get a sample of the ice that you want to drill.

The next day, the drill is towed back out to the drilling site and a drill is used to drill a smaller hole in another ice-covered area.

In this case, the bigger hole will be drilled with the larger bit. 

Drill-bits can be small or large, and they are drilled into the ice.

They are also used for other things, like removing sediment from the bottom of the sea, and drilling through ice that is too thick to drill through. 

A company called DIB says its technology can drill the deepest holes possible in ice at depths of 2,500 meters or more.

The company, known as Deepwater Horizon, drilled a well into the Gulf of Mexico in the Gulf Stream and drilled a hole that was more than 300 meters deep. 

In a way, drilling deep in the Arctic is a new idea. 

We are not drilling deep.

The Arctic has been a bit of a mystery to us for the past 50 years, but it is a lot more complicated than people think, because the Arctic has always been a mystery for us.

There are only a handful of people who know what it is, and we don’t really know what is going on there. 

Now, there are a lot of companies looking at drilling into the polar ice, and the technology is getting better and better, said Tom Bresnan, who heads up Deepwater’s Arctic program.

We are going to drill deeper, and drill deeper until we find something we can get out of it. 

There are three technologies that are currently in use. 

First, there were the oil drilling technologies like the oil well, the horizontal drilling, and then there was the hydraulic fracturing. 

Both of those technologies involve using a mixture of water, sand and sandstone to break apart a rock, and when the rock is compressed it releases oil or gas. 

And it is important to note that this technology is not always reliable, especially if it is happening in the cold, and is more likely to produce a small amount of oil, or a lot less than it needs to be. 

Second, there was drilling on the seafloor.

The drilling on ships is much better at getting oil and methane out of ice because it is much easier to work with than on the land.

But this is not as effective as drilling on land.

The land is harder to get at, and there is less of a possibility of being hit by ice breaking, which can cause a spill. 

Finally, there have been some advancements in the drilling of wells and pipelines. 

Brent oil, for example, has become more valuable than it was when it was first discovered in the 1960s. 

“When it first hit the market, it was about $60 a barrel, and it was a bit like a new gold rush,” said Bresniens.

“It was a lot like a stock bubble.”

The technology has gotten better.

The technology is better at extracting the oil and the water and the bit.

And the technology allows the company to drill wells that are deeper and to drill into ice that isn’t ice-cap-free. 

This is just a snapshot of the technological developments happening in a different world, but the fact is that drilling has always existed, and now it is getting a lot better. 

(Photo: AP)The companies are still drilling, but their technologies are improving. 

One of the first companies that tried to get the technology to work on the drilling platforms was Deepwater, which was acquired by the Chevron Corporation in 2010

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