How India’s hydraulic project is moving ahead

India’s largest dam-dredged pipeline project, the one that will carry more than one billion cubic metres of concrete into the country’s northern plains, has been floated on the stock market.

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation, a state-run company, said it has raised its tender offer to tender for the dredging project in the countrys southern plains and will commence construction next month.

Bharat Petroleum Corp, a unit of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), has been awarded the project by the Indian government in August.

The project, which is expected to be completed by 2022, will be the first major hydro-construction project in India and will be a joint venture between the state-controlled ONGC and the state oil company, Bharat Petrochemical Corp (BPC).

The project will entail the construction of two separate hydro-dams at the Jodhpur and Gurdaspur rivers, and one at the Bhimberi basin.

The first is expected for the Jodspur dam and the second for the Bhimsudar dam.

The project is expected in line with the government’s ambitious vision of building an 80,000-km inland pipeline linking coastal ports with major cities in India.

According to the project website, the project is designed to connect the major industrial centres in the state with its ports in western and eastern India.

The pipeline will provide electricity to 1.2 million households and businesses, as well as a railway link between Gurdipur and Jodhya Pradesh.

According, the company has raised an initial Rs 50,000 crore and is currently negotiating for the rest.

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