How dredge oil floats in deep waters, the government says

With the dredge program now over, the Australian government is putting the final touches on the project and has laid out a blueprint for a new pipeline to carry oil and gas from the coast to the mainland.

The new pipeline, which has been designed by engineering company Dredge, is set to run from the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland’s north to the south coast.

“It’s not going to be built for the next five years,” Environment Minister Mark Butler told the ABC.

“We’ve had a lot of time to do that.”

He said the pipeline would run for at least 20 years and cost $12 billion.

The project will run between Port Augusta in Queensland and Port Augusta, Victoria, and the Northern Territory, which is also looking at the project.

“The plan is to get to the coast and deliver the gas from there,” Mr Butler said.

“I don’t think we’ve got the capacity to deliver a lot more than that for a short period of time.”

He also defended the government’s decision to scrap its planned coal seam gas export terminal at Port Augusta.

“Port Augusta is going to have to be abandoned.

We can’t continue to export coal,” he said.

Butler said the decision was not a political one and was not linked to any opposition.

“There are plenty of other options out there for the future that we’re exploring and we’re very much considering options,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“What I can say is we have to get this done because we are getting a lot less coal to ship to the market from the Maroop Basin.”

The port is one of three ports at Port Arthur, which was built by the Commonwealth to facilitate the export of coal to the east coast.

The government also wants to use the port as a logistics hub for the northern states, and said it would be “appropriate” to use it to transport cargo in a second pipeline to the West Australian port of Gladstone.

Mr Butler said the port was “very much” being considered as a future port, and would be part of a “new and different approach” to transport coal from the east to the west.

“In the future we will look to build a terminal in Port Augusta,” he explained.

“If the government decides that Port Augusta is the location, then we’ll be moving the project forward.”

Once the terminal is built, it’ll be part a new approach to transport the coal.

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